Exploring UX/UI within film and how it translates to real-life needs and day to day constraints really facinates me. This paved inspiration and served as the research towards my thesis and my project on Blade Runners ‘Voight Kampff’ machine which I wrote about in a prior article.

Blade Runner 2049 Interface by Territory Studio

Looking back at sci-fi interfaces in films I noticed one thing that there was a trend that they are commonly blue. I searched for a potential reason why to the trend, and came across a episode by the podcast series 99% Invisible Future Screens are Mostly Blue. In the episode they discuss the…

Design a set of interactive Interfaces for a future digital currency. Incorporate elements of exchange. Value, and trust.

Produced during the second year of University, this project aimed at creating a varied series of interactive interfaces that worked across multiple devices. Furthermore, aiming to be as speculative and experimental as possible, with creating a future currency in mind. Considering who will be using itcurrency, what they will be buying, how funds with be transferred, where the transactions take place, and why the design is appropriate to its given context.

From this we looked into the history of currency, like battering…

UI Design is designing the User Interface of a product — this generally involves the visual design of the product how information is presented to the user.

Designing product UI is generally associated with designing UI for websites or application design. However, one area not discussed in much detail is how we design UI for games.

Design Doc, is a Youtube channel that creates video essays on a variety of topics in game design. Their ‘Good Design, Bad Design’ series highlights the good and bad of graphic design in games, whilst alongside explaining some graphic design theory and principles to…

It was my final project at University and I wanted to do something that combined both my interest in UX/UI and Science Fiction.

But what is this ‘Voight-Kampff’ thing anyway?

Well for those familiar with the Blade Runner films or book, it is a machine which is used to determine whether the synthetic beings ‘replicants’ are human or not. Which makes up part of the Voight-Kampff Test within the film.

The Voight-Kampff Machine in use.

In the words of the designer himself — Syd Mead describes it as;

..it had to be a suitcase, briefcase-sized thing and in my mind, it had to be terrifying…

Partaking on Future Startup Now not only opened to new opportunities to find a career, but also meet individuals in a similar situation to me, industry professionals and build up a network for myself. Organised by Create Jobs with Hustlecrew’s Founder Abadesi Osunsade, to give young people the boost they need into the startup industry, to either start their own companies or join existing ones.

Through the rapid three-week program, I gained further insight into the startup industry ranging from; How to pitch and present a product or idea, the different industries and business models within tech, startup company structure…

Xavier Evans-Jones

UI/UX Graduate Interested is all things Sci-Fi and Speculative

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